Matheran – Romantic Destination

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A small yet impressive hill station

The picturesque and small hill station of Matheran is one of the most scenic weekend getaways in Maharashtra. It is located in the middle of the Sahyadri, 90 km from Mumbai. Trip to Matheran is a must for honeymoon & romantic packages in India.

Take a walk to the top of the mountain or take a walk through the quiet red soil trails. The view from the top is breathtaking.

There are almost 36 view-points in Matheran. Certainly it is not feasible to visit them all. It takes at least three days to explore all the places of interest. However, there are popular locations that you can cover in a day.

Quiet and unpolluted – Asia’s only motor free hill station  

Motor vehicles are not allowed in Matheran making the location peaceful in spite of the several thousands who come here. Matheran is located on a plateau with very dense forests. Since it is a hill station the weather is pleasant throughout the year. It is certainly part of best honeymoon & romantic packages in India.

The best possible time to visit Matheran is after monsoons. At that time of the year in September the vegetation is dense green and the waterfalls very impressive.

The nearest railways station is at Neral about 21 kilometers away. From Neral you can take a toy train to Matheran or shared cab or mini bus. Those who are travelling by car have to park at Dasturi car point and do likewise.

There is an “entry fee” to enter Matheran hill station, which must be paid upon arrival at the toy train station or Dasturi Point. The cost is 50 rupees per adult and 20 rupees per child.

What to do in Matheran – walk around its few dozen view-points

Since this is a mountain resort where a car is not allowed, you must choose other options to get around. To enjoy nature to the fullest, hiking is the best option. All the hiking trails are marked and the local people are very helpful to show the right way. A walk among the clouds that float around you is majestic. If you are a little lazy, you can always choose to ride in a rickshaw.

Begin your day with a trip to Charlotte Lake. It offers glorious view of the countryside. After spending few hours by the lake make your way to Echo Point followed by Louisa Point.

Follow it up with a trip to Panorama Point and Honeymoon Hill.

Panorama Point – This point is very scenic because you can see on the left a panoramic view of the hills and on the right the beautiful Ulhas river. This point is quite far from the Matheran station and market, but you can negotiate a reasonable price for your trip if you do not feel like walking. This point is perfect for watching sunrise and it is also called “Sunrise Point”. To get to this point, follow the train tracks to Dasturi. After Aman Lodge, there is a road on the right that will take you directly to this point in 30 minutes.

Honeymoon Hill – According to folklore a British officer stayed here during his honeymoon and hence the name. Later Parsis used to raise bees and harvest honey and hence the name. There is adventure in shape of valley crossing at Honeymoon Point. To complete this activity you have to move from one side of the mountain to the other hanging on a rope a thousand feet above the valley floor.

One Tree Hill – A unique hill where only one big tree grows. The road there is a little risky and steep. However, you can easily see the one tree hill from another tree at a short distance.

Due to the car ban, Matheran is a relatively quiet place. Hiking is, therefore, a very rewarding activity, especially for nature lovers, and even more so after the monsoon, when the wildflowers are in full bloom. It has to be included in honeymoon packages.

It is not uncommon to see golden langurs, snakes and giant squirrels. Beware though of Matheran monkeys which are quick to annoy.

Getting around

There are many places in Matheran, many of which offer fantastic views of the valley. While the central area and the more known view points are messy, finding a place alone to yourself is quite easy when you think outside the box. A perfect place for loving honeymoons. There are many trails that lead to most points. Wear thick-soled shoes and a cane for comfort, as some of the trails are very wet, nothing more than dry riverbeds.

Horse riding is also a very popular way to explore Matheran. Finding a horse is not very difficult because they are numerous. This is an excellent option for people who do not want to walk, but prices must be negotiated in advance.

There are restaurants serving all types of cuisine in Matheran especially Marathi and Gujrati thalis. Most hotels offer food with stay. Non vegetarian food is available at some places including very delicious biriyani.

Walking around Matheran fills one with exhilarating joy. The mountain tops being kissed by clouds and the deep green forest everywhere and nature’s unspoiled beauty is breathtaking.